MMT Acoustix® MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier
MMT Acoustix® MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier is a super density rubber membrane produced with a engineered mixture of 5 types of rubbers and resins. The noise barrier comes in a roll form and can be easily installed on floors, walls and ceilings as a primary layer for sound isolation. Low Frequencies, known as bass are unable to pass through the super density surface of the product and provides required sound isolation. It can be easily installed with nails and adhesives. The products is sold in rolls. Each roll is 12 sqm (10000 x 1200 mm) / 128 sqft ( 32 x 4 ft ) with a straightness ≤ 20 mm/10 m. Density is higher than 2200 kg/m3. For optimum results the sound blocking membrane should be installed between two layers.
It is mandatory to use Mass Loaded Vinyl in cineplex, multiplex, auditorium, home theatre, recording studio, hotels, shopping malls, nightclubs, gyms, new constructions, buildings and offices.
Product Detail
Application Industry:
Isolates and blocks the sound mostly the low frequencies .
Can be applied on walls, ceiling and floor
Comes in roll, easy to install
Control high, medium and low frequencies. High Density > 2200 kg/m3
Vibration Resistant and takes minimum space due to low thickness
Water resistant , fire resistant and Anti - Microbial
Can be easily covered with Carpets, Wooden Flooring, gypsum or cement.
Marine and Aerospace
Air Conditioning
Application Guide:
Apply Adhesive on one side of the panel.
Leave it for 2 minutes till it dries a bit making adhesive stickier
Apply on the required surface and press using hands
MMT Acoustix® is a global supplier of MLV : Mass laoded vinyl sound barrier. Contact us to enquire/purchase Mass Loaded Vinyl in India
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