Application: HealthCare and Hospitals
MMT Acoustix™ produces acoustic materials that are fume free and suitable for hospitals, clinics and medical colleges. MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Foam Panels and Insulation pad are used for acoustic treatment and soundproofing in hospitals, clinics and medical colleges.

1. There are three factors you need to consider in order to achieve a good sound environment in healthcare premises.
2. Make room for recovery – keep the sound levels down.
3. Secure that the rooms support communication – focus on speech clarity Make sure that the acoustic products fulfill the hygienic demands.
If you achieve this, there will be many benefits for both patients and staff:

• Lowered blood pressure
• Improved quality of sleep
• Reduced intake of pain medication
• Improved communication
• Lowered stress levels
• Improved patient safety

Enhanced staff wellbeing, performance and job satisfaction
Products for HealthCare and Hospitals:
• MMT Acoustix™ Echsorbix
• MMT Acoustix™ Wall Insulation Pads
• MMT Acoustix™ Ceiling Insulation Pads
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic fabric
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Carpets
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Adhesive
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