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A smarter Way of Soundproofing

Acoustic foam panels, soundproofing materials and noise reduction products made simple.
At MMT Acoustix, we understand that unwanted sound is something you shouldn’t live with, which is why we have developed
easy to install, guaranteed performing soundproofing materials, acoustic panels and noise reduction products
All type of soundproofing panels are made in house by MMT Acoustix in India.
Acoustic Foam Panels by MMT Acoustix® is the easiest and fastest way of soundproofing and acoustic treatment in India.
Offering a variety of Professional DIY Acoustic panels for noise reduction and echo treatment.


Manjeet Ral, RDB, Music Producer

Amazing quality products by MMT Acoustix. Designed my studio Musik One with their products and loved the acoustic treatment.Keep it up guys, best brand for soundproofing in India

Manya Narang, Indian Idol Top 8, Singer & Performer

Thanks MMT Acoustix for supplying such great performing acoustic products for my Studio. Provided right consultancy and professional products. Very professional people. All the best

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi, Video Game Production Co.

Different colour options and designs available for adding complete aesthetics and acoustics to our studio and office. Swift delivery to Abu Dhabi

Google Inc Gurgaon, Unitech Towers

Great Sound isolation memberane and pads for inter room sound blocking. All sound problem was solved by MMT Acoustix.

Hilton Hotel & Resorts, Qatar

Isolated our banquets and lobby using their SoundBlankets. Swift delivery, products, prices and Professionalism.

Acoustic Foam Panels
Acoustic polyurethane and TDI based foam panels to absorb high and mid frequencies.Comes in different shapes, designs, colours and sizes.
Sound Insulation Pads
Acoustic polyurethane based sound isolation pads for blocking and absorbing uncontrolable sounds.
MLV : Mass Loaded Vinyl
High density noise barrier to isolate low frequency sound waves. This membrane is mandatory for soundproofing in entertainment industry.
Soundproofing Door Tapes
Efficent vaccuum technology for filling air gaps on window and door edges. Blocks sound traveling medium, increasing sound isolation.
Wooden Acoustic Panels
Room Acoustics demands aesthetics and sound diffusion, wooden acoustic panels facilitate both of it. Majorly used in auditoriums, hotels, cineplexes and Studios
Acoustic Fabric Panels
fabric acoustic panels to absorb all the room echo and adding extra aesthetics on walls. Easily to mount on walls using nails, like a painting. Backed with MMT Acoustix sound insulation pad for best absorption.
Acoustic Super Spray Adhesive
First in India, Spray adhesive. For Hassle free wall & ceiling installations of panels. Dries Instantly. Specially made for Acoustic Foam Panels but sticks almost everything 1 Can contains 450 gms Super Adhesive Aerosol and sticks 80-100 sqft
Luxury Acoustic Panels
Some have expensive taste and we aim to cater that. Luxury acoustic panels are made with exclusive raw materials to add glam in your space
Most Trusted & Highly Rated Acoustic Brand In India
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