Soundproofing Wall Pad

MMT Acoustix® Soundproofing wall pads can be inserted in the wall cavity or can be applied on existing wall to block unwanted sound. For achievement of a soundproof room or area, wall insulation pads are applied on entire wall to isolate the two different areas, acting as a noise reducing sound absorber.

The NRC of the product is 0.80 in 1” thickness and goes upto 3.20 in higher thicknesses. MMT Acoustix® Sound Insulation pad can be covered with acoustic foam,Acoustic Boards,fabric, gypsum, wall, wooden panels and metal panels. Its 100% non carcinogenic and emits zero odour. Its applied using MMT Acoustix® Spray adhesive on any surface. This is also used on ceilings for multi floor soundproofing treatments.

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Product Detail
Major Applications:
Specially designed to absorb all Frequency Sounds
Easy to apply and Install
Fire Retardant for safety, Approved by ARAI
Do not crumble like Melamine/Glasswool/Rockwool/Polyester
Price and result effective
Non toxic and anti bacterial
Tame chaotic reflections
Behind Walls (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
Generator Canopy/Rooms
Testing Rooms
Isolation Chambers
Jamming Rooms
Application Guide:
Apply Adhesive on the flat side of the panel.
Leave it for 2 minutes till it dries a bit making adhesive stickier
Apply on the required surface and press using hands
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