Application: School & Colleges
MMT Acoustix™ produces acoustic material for schools, classrooms and colleges. MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Foam Panels and Insulation pad are used for acoustic treatment in schools and colleges. We majorly supply for School Auditoriums, Halls, Multipurpose Areas, Gyms etc.

School and Colleges are building blocks for students and we make sure that the new generation study in peace. According to science, a quiet room accelerates the teaching and learning process.
Within education, there are three factors you need to consider in order to succeed:

1. Reduce the disturbance from background low-frequency noise
2. Make sure the whole school gets the proper acoustic treatment
3. Choose safe products
If you achieve this, there will be many benefits for both students and teachers:

• Greater understanding of speech
• Better short term and long term memory
• Lower stress levels and blood pressure
• Better reading ability and test results for students
• Less voice problems for teachers
Products for School and Colleges:
• MMT Acoustix™ Echsorbix
• MMT Acoustix™ Wall Insulation Pads
• MMT Acoustix™ Ceiling Insulation Pads
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic fabric
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Carpets
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Adhesive
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