Application: Cinemas
MMT Acoustix™ produces acoustic material for Cineplex and Multiplex Soundproofing. Our insulation pads are majorly used for noise blocking in Cineplex, multiplex, cinema halls, home theatres and Entertainment rooms.

Cinemas and multiplexes have best quality sound systems which needs good sound environment to give the best surround and sound effects. MMT Acoustix™ acoustic products are widely used for acoustic correction and soundproofing of these halls.
Products for Cinemas :
• MMT Acoustix™ Echsorbix
• MMT Acoustix™ Wall Insulation Pads
• MMT Acoustix™ Ceiling Insulation Pads
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic fabric
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Carpets
• MMT Acoustix™ Acoustic Adhesive
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