Soundproofing In Offices

Offices are our major source of income and an average human being spends its maximum time working. Working in noise and poor sound conditions effects your work performance, concentration and efficiency. Glass windows, metallic objects and hard surfaces can make a conference room sound noisy, and reverb and echoes can really be a problem for the larger rooms Talking coworkers, ringing phones, elevator sounds and computer noise can cause disturbances, interrupt communications, and interfere with the daily work flow.

Why choose us ?

MMT Acoustix® innovates easy to install soundproofing and acoustic panels for offices, co-working spaces, cabins, conference rooms and call centers. All MMT Acoustix® products easily sticks on the walls and ceilings absorbing all the echo instantly. They require no frame work or wooden work which damages the wall and work space.
Also we are pocket friendly !

The Common Problem !

Most new generation offices are made with gypsum walls and ceilings which claims to absorb sound but doesn’t. This is a common problem in major companies. To resolve this we offer pre made acoustic foam panels, fabric acoustic panels and wooden acoustic panels to solve the echo problem in offices.
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