MMT Acoustix™ Anechoic Wedges
MMT Acoustix manufactures medium/high density acoustic polyurethane anechoic wedges for maximum sound diffusion and absorption. The wedges are designed to diffuse and absorb sound at the same time. The depth and thickness of the wedges are maximized to achieve 20-30 DB sound levels. MMT Acoustix Anechoic Wedges are available in various sizes and colours as per client's requirement.
Product Detail
Application Industry:
Anechoic chambers block audible noises by forcing the acoustic waves to bounce upon impacting the pyramidal foam, causing the waves to lose energy with each bounce. They also block electromagnetic waves, which include radio waves, with the assistance of an exterior screened room or ferrite walls
Testing Rooms
Anechoic chambers
Ulta sonic Rooms
Aviation testings
High intensity music rooms
Quite rooms
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